District Achievement Contract

The District Achievement Contract outlines the school district’s goals for student achievement.  Through its strategic plan and achievement contract, the district not only plans to improve students’ learning, but also to introduce district-wide assessments in order to have a more comprehensive understanding of student achievement and to inform instruction.

Our strategic plan defines the key areas of focus as we work together to support student learning in order to achieve our vision of Success for All.

An updated Strategic Plan is currently being developed and will be presented to the Board this school year.

The primary purpose of the strategic plan is to create a blueprint for the district that helps maintain its exemplary qualities, while supporting the continuous improvement of student learning. A good strategic plan helps organize a system around a few significant goals, and ensures that the resources are in place to successfully implement the goals in a manner that is sustainable over time.


Our Goals

The goals of our strategic plan are:

  • Meet each student’s unique needs
  • The continuous improvement of instruction and assessment
  • Reconciliation
  • Organizational Effectiveness and Accountability to Support Student Learning