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The following was prepared and submitted by Meaghan Cursons for Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools

The following documents have been prepared for the Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools’ Board of Education as a collation and synthesis of input received through a 60-day community consultation on proposed changes to facilities and programs outlined in the Becoming Sustainable: Facilities Plan Update September 2, 2015.

Community Voices on Becoming Sustainable

Consultation #1 North Cedar Intermediate/Woodbank Report

Consultation #2a Rutherford Report

Consultation #2b Frank J. Ney Report

Consultation #3 Woodlands Report

Consultation #4 District Programs Report

Consultation #5 Learn@Home Report

Consultation #6 Skills for life Report

Community Stakeholders Report

Appendix A – Summary of Correspondence to NLPS

Appendix B – Public Presentations (see below) and Videos

Appendix C – Survey input

Appendix D – Community dialogue details