District Achievement Contract

The District Achievement Contract outlines the school district’s goals for student achievement.  Through its strategic plan and achievement contract, the district not only plans to improve students’ learning, but also to introduce district-wide assessments in order to have a more comprehensive understanding of student achievement and to inform instruction.

Learning Alternatives Contact Information

Career Technical Centre Principal
Derek Beeston

Island ConnectED (K-12) Principal Patrick Young

Tier 3 Principal Derek Beeston

Learning Alternatives offers a number of district alternate programs providing options for students who require flexible learning.

Career and Technical Centre (CTC)

  • Students begin post-secondary trades and technical programs during Grade 12
  • Students receive dual credits for the post-secondary coursework
  • Offers trades, technical and non-trade areas of study

Island ConnectED (K-12)

  • Hybrid online, face-to-face school
  • Dynamic, personalized learning
  • Flexible distributed learning opportunities

Tier 3

  • Outreach Wellness and Learning (OWL)
  • VAST Learning Centre
  • Adventure-Based Outdoor Learning (ABOUT)
  • Ravens Lelum Teen Parent Learning Centre

Our Goals

The goals of our strategic plan are:

  • Meet each student’s unique needs
  • The continuous improvement of instruction and assessment
  • Reconciliation
  • Organizational effectiveness and accountability to support student learning