Facilities Department Contacts

Director of Planning and Operations Pete Sabo 250 741-5265

Operations Supervisor Diane Bunnah 250 741-5213

Maintenance Supervisor Brian Hackwood 250 741-5268

Transportation Supervisor Dave Prevost 250 741-5246

Energy Manager Emil Bock 250 244-2777

Facilities Planning Manager Mike Ross 250 741-5295

Facilities Rentals 250 741-5241

Testing Water Quality in School Facilities

The district has initiated a project to test drinking water in schools built prior to 1990 in accordance with Ministry of Education Policy for Testing Lead Content in Drinking Water of School Facilities.

Five-Year Capital Plan

September 28, 2016 Board of Education Approves Five-Year Capital Plan 2016-17 Submission as presented September 14, 2016