Feature: Hometown Hockey School Visit

Hometown Hockey School visit brought 600 elementary students together for this special event.  Paz , the Hockey Circus Show performed puck tricks, juggling, comedy and even juggled 3 hockey sheets while standing on a hockey net – impressive! Students were fortunate to touch Olympic medals, thanks to Paralympian and MLA Michelle Stillwell.  There was a… Read more »

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Fill my bucket

Feature: Pink Shirt Day

Schools throughout the district were emphasizing inclusion as well as anti-bullying initiatives during Pink Shirt Day.  Schools held fundraisers for anti-bullying programs, held Make Nice and Rainbow activities, promoted notes of positive messages, to name a few. Great reminder for all to choose kindness.  Let’s keep the momentum going!

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Feature: Sharing resources

CTC Trades Tool Box Trailer is set to visit 5 First Nation Schools in the coming months.  Staff are excited to be working with our First Nations communities, sharing resources and building relationships. Seen here, students at Qwam Qwum School were excited to learn new skills while building bird houses.

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