Elementary Report Card Templates

To download these templates, right-click on the one you want, then "save target as..." to your computer hard drive

MSWord Templates:

English Version Kindergarten     Primary    

Intermediate     Page Two for all

  (Class Set K)    (Class Set 1-3) (Class Set 4-7)
French Version

Kindergarten     Primary 1-2)     Primary_Grade3

Intermediate     Page Two for all

(Class Set K)     (Class Set 1-2)
(Class Set 3)
(Class Set 4-7)
Student Support Services Additional Report in MSWord

Additional Report in RTF


Additional Comments Form

Additional Report - Letter

All English Report Templates in Zipped format (.dot)

All French Report Templates in Zipped format (.dot)



Here is a Microsoft Works 4.0 template for the comment page of the report card.  It prints the complete comment page on a blank 14" page.   Make sure you only have 14 lines of text (or blank lines) in the Term One comment section.  Works Template 

If you are using a word-processor to print inside a pre-printed report card form, use the following margins to fit the second term section. 

TOP:   4.75"  BOTTOM:  7.25"  LEFT:  .5" RIGHT:   .5"