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A Three Year Plan

All district decisions are based on the following Board Goals:

  • Meet Each Student’s Unique Needs
  • The Continuous Improvement of Instruction and Assessment
  • Reconciliation
  • Organizational Effectiveness and Accountability to Support Student Learning

What is 2020 Vision: A Three Year Plan?

2020 Vision will focus on the following over the next three years:

  • Increasing student success
  • Developing a sustainable budget

2020 Vision aligns with Ministry of Education (MoE), Board and district goals and is intended to meet the MoE’s Framework for Enhancing Student Learning, a public commitment by districts in BC to work together to continuously improve student learning for each student, and to address long-standing differences in performance amongst particular students.

Before moving forward, the district must look back to previous documents such as Becoming Sustainable and the Updated Facilities Plan – (Amended April 26, 2017), while at the same time considering new proposals. While a great amount of work was needed to create previous plans, the ever-changing expectations for student achievement and needs for increased programs and services combined with a reduction in resources leads to deficiencies in facilities.

On an annual basis, the district must decide to continue with its current plan or adapt to address current challenges. 2020 Vision is a blueprint to address the district’s immediate and near-term opportunities through a consultative process that is respectful, effective and aligns with the district’s available resources to achieve the best possible future for students and the community.