Page 8 Learning Alternatives is a dynamic blend of forward thinking education and personalized programing. We pride ourselves on individualized academic plans that focus on the student’s strengths and use innovative strategies to help progress in areas that need improvement. Our goal is to guide our students to discover personal success and help them become productive members of our community. We believe in authentic, meaningful experiences that connect our students to the natural world and inspire sustainable values and behaviours. The Circle of Courage is woven throughout all of our programs. This model of youth development is based on the principles of belonging, mastery, independence and generosity. Thanks to the support of Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools, this year has seen us add another satellite site to provide even more opportunities for our students and families. Wenowhavefourschool-agedprogramsto support our students and families. These include three programs that share the John Barsby School site, Senior Learning Alternatives,JuniorLearningAlternatives and Raven’s Lelum. Our new satellite program ABOUT (Alternative Based Opportunities United by Teamwork) calls the Woodlands Secondary building home. This September saw the launch of our new school logo that was a joint project between students, staff and the local community. This month will see a project-based learning opportunity with local Coast Salish artist Noel Brown, the launch of our new school website, staff and students presenting to schools and community groups across the province and weekly outdoor education activities to engage the nearly 300 students that call Learning Alternatives their school. Follow us on Twitter to stay informed of the excitement. 