John Barsby Secondary is building roots in the community with its new vibrant community garden. The Best Me I Can Be By Bill Robinson Page 8 Have you ever wakened up in the morning with a thought or idea you couldn’t dismiss and had no idea where it came from? That happened to me three or four months ago when I woke up with the line, “The Best Me I Can Be” repeating itself over and over in my head. I wrote it down, kept thinking, and a month or so later, it evolved into a pilot program with five different classes: Grade 1-2 and 3-4 students at Bayview, two Grade 1 classes at Georgia and a Grade 1 class at Park Avenue. Tiffany Skibinsky from our NLPS Communications Department designed a beautiful certificate, which will be signed by the superintendent, the zone trustee, and the teacher. Of course, it leaves room for the teacher to list examples of times when the student made their very best effort. The plan is that each month, over a four or five month period, a small group of students in each class will be presented with their certificates. Given these monthly presentations, students will be reminded regularly of the importance of continuing to focus on being the “best me” they can be. Since paper certificates would tend to get stuffed into backpacks and arrive home crumpled and easily forgotten, these certificates will be presented in frames, so the chances are they will be preserved and hung in a special place somewhere in each student’s home. Each certificate in a frame. The best two dollars that I have ever been spent!