Page 7 Deebank is almost half-way to her goal of graduating from high school. She has been able to transfer many lifelong skills into her education. She has turned her knitting skill into a Textile and Art credit. She created a portfolio of knitting that included approximately 30 pieces showing detailed patterns and instruction for her work, which turned into beautiful, artistic cards. One of her many pieces is an infinity scarf with the circle of love referenced in the artwork to accompany it. Many of her pieces have been donated to women’s and homeless shelters. Young said, “Deebank has been doing awesome with the work she has submitted and if all the learners were as enthusiastic as she is, the world would be an even better place. She has a real zest for learning and a youthful enthusiasm about her.” Deebank fractured her arm last fall and instead of letting it get her down, she used it as an opportunity to interview her doctor as part of her writing course. Another one of her many accomplishments, in the past year, has been creating a report, for Planning, about the current prescription drug addiction crisis. Part of her research for the project included interviewing a local adult addiction counsellor. Lightfoot said, “The experience has been uplifting for my mother and I hope the story will inspire others, especially other senior citizens who are more capable than some people believe.” When asked if she would recommend other seniors get their adult Dogwood, Deebank replied, “Oh yes, it would be fantastic if others were interested; I would recommend it. They’re missing out. Those books are so good; I really look forward to them.” To see the excitement in her eyes as she talks about her school experiences is engaging and contagious! It should serve as a reminder to us all that it is never too late to pursue your dreams! What an inspiration!  If you get the chance to meet her, you will be fortunate to hear some of the many stories she likes to tell which represent pieces of her journey for lifelong learning. Good luck with the remainder of your studies. We look forward to seeing you receive your diploma!