b'Valentines for SeniorsArticle by Aboriginal Education Assistant Jeanene WilliamsBayviewElementarySchoolmade Valentines for the seniors residents atOak Manor on Hecate Street.ThiscommunityengagementallcameThemanagerofthecarehomewas about because although we are all asked if the students at Bayview could experiencingchangeanduncertainty.give Valentines to each of the residents Our elders in care homes and those andthatwewouldliketopersonally thatarelivingaloneareexperiencingaddress them with their first name and isolation, loneliness, depression, and room number. The manager expressed boredom.Mostactivities,recreation,a deep appreciation for the gesture and and all volunteers have been cancelledquickly emailed the list.in our senior care homes for more than a year. Theideawasbroughttotheteachers and they were 100% on board. TheAt the beginning of February, Bayviewstudents made beautiful art pieces, wrote was experiencing a lot. Being of the personallettersofencouragement, mindset - when things are appearing outandmessagesthatwouldmakethe of sorts - BE OF SERVICE to someonemostemotionallycontainedindividual or something. Believing that when we- misty eyed. This creative project was arebeingofservicetoothersitgivescompletedintwodays.Bothstudents anopportunitytochangeouranxietyandteacherslovedtheexperienceof andworryintoapositivedirection.giving back to our community especially Fortunately,workingwithanamazingtoourelders.Studentsandteachers team like Bayview, many echo a similaralike asked if we could do this again. It mindset. was a feel good endeavour. The idea of adopting the Oak Manor Seniors care OnFebruary2acallwasmadefromhome was brought forward. BayviewSchooltotheclosestseniors care home on Hecate Street. Page1'