b'Athletic Agent Q&Awith NLPS Student Joshua YooHow did you come up with the theme?Mylibrarianfoundmethisamazing bookcalledSpySchool,abook byauthorStuart Gibbs.He writesgreatthrillerand mystery books. I wasnt reallyintonovels beforeandmainly readgraphicnovels. The cover of this book was great and made me want to read it even though I didnt really want to read a novel. My mom couldnt believe I was reading anovelandshetoldmethatIcould writeabooktoo.Ireallylovethose books so thats basically my platform for how I started my book. At the ending of your book, there is a quote from a security officer saying the prisoners escaped.Is this purposeful, as this is the start of a sequel?Can you elaborate?Yes that was on purpose because I think a cliffhanger is necessary for a series. Yes there is going to be a sequel. The new book will continue this story. I would like to do several books in the series but it is hard to find time to write with having to go to school as well.Page3'