b'How many books have you sold?Im not sure the exact number but I think it is somewhere around 400. How did you select the names of your characters?I thought of some of them and some of them I got ideas from other mystery orcomicbooks.Everynamehasbeenusedsomewherealready.Some names I got from people I know. In my next book there will be a character based on someone I know so I will use his first name. Also many of my friends are hoping I will use their names in my next books. What was your favourite scene to write?I think it was the ferry scene, the part where Roi gets in danger because I think that is the most exciting part of the book.Were there any really challenging parts to write?I think the ending was the hardest. I didnt know how to create a cliffhanger and I wasnt going to because I wasnt thinking of making another book since writing is hard. Page4'