b'NLSF Food4Schools ReviewProviding food to support school based meals programs for vulnerable studentsOn behalf of the Nanaimo-Ladysmith Schools Foundation (NLSF) and Food4Schools, a big thank you goes out to the Board of Education and Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools Staff for their on-going relationship to make this initiative possible.Since Covid-19, NLSF is supporting more than 1,000 students in 32 schools. Feedback from schools confirms improved student behaviour and concentration in class, increased student attendance and in some instances students are arriving at school because they know there is food.With historical high rates of need, and the ongoing longer term financial effects of Covid-19 on families, we anticipate continued high needs for school based food programssaid Executive Director Crystal Dennison.NLSF is committed to providing on-going support.The success of Food4Schools is due to the partnerships created and the community support received. Removing barriers and providing food to support school meals programs across the District, creates positive change for students, the schools and the District. Page5'