b'Register today with Parks, Recreation & Culture!SPRING BREAK Spring Break ProgramsRecHockey Spring Break6 to 11 YearsThis half-ice recreational hockey camp has times for lessons, stations, games and free time. We recommendYouth Pop-Up Series-Golf that skaters have passed a minimum of RecSkate 1.11 to 17 YearsRentals are free if required. Try out this amazing sport on the driving range, and Mon, Mar 158:30 am-5 pm$42/142890Tree Frog Camp Tue, Mar 168:30 am-5 pm$42/142893 then take your skills to the golf course for 9 holes. Clubs 3 to 5 Years Wed, Mar 178:30 am-5 pm$42/142896 will be available to rent at a cost.This is a daycamp for little ones! The week will includeThu, Mar 188:30 am-5 pm$42/142899 Wed, Mar 172-4 pm$15/150859games, music, arts and crafts.Fri, Mar 198:30 am-5 pm$42/142901 Beban Park Golf CourseM-F, Mar 15-199-11 am$100/551078 on, Mar 228:30 am-5 pm$42/142907 Youth Pop-Up Series-California M-F, Mar 22-269-11 am$100/551079 Tue, Mar 238:30 am-5 pm$42/142911Oliver Woods Community Centre Wed, Mar 248:30 am-5 pm$42/142926 KickballThu, Mar 258:30 am-5 pm$42/142930Camp Firefly Fri, Mar 268:30 am-5 pm$42/142934 11 to 17 Years5-11 Years Cliff McNabb Arena Come enjoy playing California Kickball! Thu, Mar 182-4 pm$5/150861Join us for sports, games, arts and crafts and muchDance with Vibe Harewood Covered Sports Courtmore. Register by the day.Mon, Mar 158:30 am-4:30 pm$42/150583 An introduction to dance with the main focus on hip hopYouth Pop-Up Series-Super and styles of hip hop like grooving and old school. Tue, Mar 168:30 am-4:30 pm$42/150584 3 to 4 Years Smash Bros Tournament Wed, Mar 178:30 am-4:30 pm$42/150586Thu, Mar 188:30 am-4:30 pm$42/150587 M-F, Mar 15-1912-12:30 pm$50/550650 11 to 17 YearsFri, Mar 198:30 am-4:30 pm$42/150589 5 to 7 Years Come join us for a Super Smash Bros Tournament on the Mon, Mar 228:30 am-4:30 pm$42/150590 M-F, Mar 15-191-2 pm$80/550652Nintendo Switch! Each player will get a chance to play at Tue, Mar 238:30 am-4:30 pm$42/150591 8 to 11 YearsM-F, Mar 15-192:30-4 pm$120/550655 least two rounds of the very popular game.Wed, Mar 248:30 am-4:30 pm$42/150592Thu, Mar 258:30 am-4:30 pm$42/150593 12 to 18 Years Fri, Mar 192-4 pm$10/150852Fri, Mar 268:30 am-4:30 pm$42/150596 M-F, Mar 15-194:30-6 pm$120/550656 Nanaimo Aquatic CentreBeban Park Social Centre Vibe Dance Studios (1969 Boxwood Rd) Youth Pop-Up Series-Dungeons Camp Action Taekwondo & Dragons Club8-12 Years Become strong in mind,body and spirit. This11 to 17 YearsIf you have lots of energy and like to move, this camp isprogram emphasizes self-discipline, confidence andHave fun outwitting enemies, solving puzzles or saving for you! Register by the day. concentration. a town from a dragon in this fun tabletop game. Mon, Mar 158:30 am-4:30 pm$42/151348 4 to 7 YearsTue, Mar 168:30 am-4:30 pm$42/151349 M-W, Mar 15-223:45-4:20 pm$29/349462 Beginners and advanced players are all welcome. Please Wed, Mar 178:30 am-4:30 pm$42/151350 7 to 12 Years bring your favourite snack, a pencil and some dice.Thu, Mar 188:30 am-4:30 pm$42/150351 T-Th, Mar 16-233:45-4:20 pm$29/350928 Tue, Mar 232-4 pm$10/150849Fri, Mar 198:30 am-4:30 pm$42/151353 World Tae Kwon Do Academy (307-4300 Wellington Rd) Nanaimo Aquatic CentreMon, Mar 228:30 am-4:30 pm$42/151354 Youth Pop-Up Series-Disc Golf Tue, Mar 238:30 am-4:30 pm$42/151356 Rock ClimbingWed, Mar 248:30 am-4:30 pm$42/151357 6 to 12 Years 11 to 17 YearsThu, Mar 258:30 am-4:30 pm$42/151358 Camp instructors will mix in some non wall time to keepIn partnership with the Nanaimo Disc Golf Club, a Fri, Mar 268:30 am-4:30 pm$42/151359 things interesting. No climbing experience is necessarycertified instructor will teach you the basics of the game. Oliver Woods Community Centre to take part. Wed, Mar 241-2 pm$5/150856RecSkate Spring Break M-F, Mar 15-199:30-11:30 am$150/551761 Bowen Park Disc Golf Course6 to 11 Years M-F, Mar 22-269:30-11:30 am$150/549463 Youth Pop-Up Series-Paint Night This is a recreational, half-ice hockey camp forRomper Room Climbing Gym (4235 Boban Dr) 11 to 17 Yearsparticipants of varying abilities. Emphasis is on theYouth Pop-Up Series-Basketball Create your masterpiece while interacting and having FUNdamentals of hockey with ice times for skills,11 to 17 Years fun with other youth. Supplies included.scrimmage and stations. Camp also includes other funOur basketball coach will teach some fundamentals ofThu, Mar 256-7 pm$8/150854activities throughout the day and a movie with lunch.the game and then you will get a chance to play! Nanaimo Aquatic Centre We recommend that skaters have passed a minimum ofMon, Mar 154-5 pm$5/150905 Youth Pop-Up Series-Floor Hockey RecSkate 2. Full gear is required for this program. Mon, Mar 224-5 pm$5/150913 11 to 17 YearsMon, Mar 158:30 am-5 pm$42/142892 Oliver Woods Community Centre We will scrimmage and have a shoot-out to finish the Tue, Mar 168:30 am-5 pm$42/142894 Youth Pop-Up Series-Boardgame! Wed, Mar 178:30 am-5 pm$42/142897Fri, Mar 266-7 pm$5/150862Thu, Mar 188:30 am-5 pm$42/142900 Game Cafe Departure Bay Activity CentreFri, Mar 198:30 am-5 pm$42/142903Mon, Mar 228:30 am-5 pm$42/142909 11 to 17 YearsTue, Mar 238:30 am-5 pm$42/142913 We will have multiple board game options for you andAll camps are running with enhancedWed, Mar 248:30 am-5 pm$42/142928 your friends to play!Thu, Mar 258:30 am-5 pm$42/142932 Tue, Mar 164-6 pm$10/150850COVID-19 safety protocols in place.Fri, Mar 268:30 am-5 pm$42/142941 Nanaimo Aquatic CentreCliff McNabb ArenaSpring Break for 2021 is from March 15 to March 26.recreation.nanaimo.ca250-756-5200 Page12'