b'68 HOORAYS68 Hoorays go out to Michele Moore, StrongStart Facilitator at McGirr Elementary.She started after winter Break and in a short period of time has set up a program that is now hosting up to four students in person at the school, two times a week following COVID guidelines.The staff here just love her.68 Hoorays to Tannis Calder for starting the NLPS Publishing entity through NLPS Learns and printing our first book, Shwxal uqwa = family.68 Hoorays for all the Custodial staff! They are amazing folks keeping our schools clean and safe because they care! They are disinfecting touch surfaces several times a day and doing extra cleaning; they have changed their shifts to better suit COVID cleaning protocols; have been working overtime when needed; and doing whatever it takes to help keep our schools safe and the doors open! Not all heroes wear capes! A big shout out to Departure Bay Eco-School Teacher Melissa Kristiansen who has been making masks as a hobby.All the proceeds from the sale of the masks are being donated to the Nanaimo-Ladysmith Schools Foundation. Page13'