b'Each week throughout the month of February, Jelks has lined up some prominent Black guest speakers.Honouring Black History Month Pam BuisaKosi StobbsErnest Crim Additionally,eachdayduringmorning announcements,Jelksisintroducing studentstooneCanadianorUnited Statesinfluentialfigurefromhistory.Some figures include Frederick Douglas, AbeLincoln,MartinLutherKingJr.Jelks goal is to plant the seed of hope, Alicia Ogoms AJ Vassartolerance, acceptance, compassion and empathyultimately promoting love.Principal Jelks said, As educators, we play a significant role in the lives of our students in supporting them to become global citizens. When we plant a seed of hope, acceptance, and equality at an early age. Then take time to nurture and water those seeds with love and compassion, our young people will become anti-racist adults who will go out and make difference in the world.AspartofBlackHistoryMonth,CBC Radiointerviewedapaneltolearn abouttheirexperiencesofbeing BlackonVancouverIsland.Principal Jelkswasoneofthepanelists. Listen now. (Aired February 4, 2021)Page2'