b'Wellness Centres RecognizedOthercontributingfactorstothecentresbeen identified by schools. Not only does the successincludetheteamsworkingatthechildreceivehealthcare,thesamelogicis centres,schoolstaff,communitymembers,applied to the family.Although the program organizations, and more is in its early stages, the first child and family were seen in January 2021.TheJohnBarsbyWellnessCentrehasbeen supportingyouthsince2015.TheNACThestatisticsinourcommunitiesare Wellness Centre was relocated from NDSS andstaggering20,000peoplearewithouta is now providing health care, to not just its owndoctor;somepeoplearenotconnectedto community, but also the broader community. their doctor; and there is a large population Staff help support youth as they increase theirin the community not utilizing health care at capacity and confidence in building wellness,all.preventing illness, managing their health and practicing self-care.Withoutthesecentres,manyyouthand familieswouldhavelittleornoaccessto Dr. Arrudas passion is evident and she appearsprimarycare,jeopardizingtheirhealthand to have no plans to slow down.She is currentlywellness needs.The work of Dr. Arruda, staff introducinganotherfamilyresource,theinvolvedintheprogramsandcentres,the Primary Care Child & Youth Family Services. communitysupportandpartnershipswill Theprogram is an expansion of the Seeinghavealastingimpactonfamiliesandtheir the Invisible Children and will provide a newcommunities. model of primary care for families who have Referenced:Island Health January 12, 2021Page5'