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Mental wellness during COVID-19

These are uncertain times.   Every week, almost every hour, we are changing and adapting our new reality. Below are some ideas about how to stay well in the face of constant change:

  • Daily structure – set up a routine in your house that provides predictable events.  Everyone does better when they know what to expect next.
  • Family meals – whenever possible, eat together and connect over food.
  • Limited media – set up times to hear the news, then disconnect from it.
  • Exercise – take a class off YouTube, try something new, return to what used to bring you joy.
  • Reach out – stay connected to family and friends while maintaining social distancing.
  • Go Outside – breathe the air and appreciate the environment.
  • Practice good sleep hygiene – keep to a regular sleep/wake schedule, limit screens before bed and take a relaxing shower or bath prior to sleep time.
  • Read books together.
  • Keep future focused and positive – this is our reality for now, but it will not be forever.

Additional Nanaimo Service Provider updated list (not direct clinical services)

  • Additional Community Resources

    • Child & Youth Mental Health and Indigenous Child & Youth Mental Health
      Call 250-741-5701 to arrange an intake session by phone
    • Nanaimo Family Life
      Call 250 754-3331 to arrange services by phone
    • Youth Safe House
      Call 250 753-8266 to determine if a bed is free; MCFD social workers are meeting clients and arranging support
    • Discovery Youth & Family Substance Use Service
      Call 250 75307255 for telephone intake. Services will be offered by phone. They will talk to parents of students younger than 12 and will attempt to engage with any family in crisis where substances are a part.
    • Nanaimo & Area Resources for Families (NARSF)
      Call 250 754-2773 for services including SAIP, LIFT and Eating Disorders
  • Syeyutsus Framework for Community Wellness

  • Useful tips, links and resources to assist families during COVID-19