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When students need special support in order to succeed in school, we work with parents and community agencies to provide appropriate supports.

We work collaboratively with parents, teachers and community agencies to provide a range of support services designed to enable students to be successful in meeting their educational goals.

The programs offered support student learning by providing intervention and enrichment for all students and the educational community. There are a variety of programs designed to assist students. Curriculum can be adapted and/or modified based on individual student needs. Programs include prevention and intervention, special education services, health information and services, and parenting programs.

Please contact the appropriate individual or school to see which programs are available in the school district or at a specific school site.

  • Inclusion in NLPS

  • Inclusion is the belief that all students should, where possible, receive their education in age-appropriate regular classrooms in their neighbourhood schools. The school district, together with parents, determines the support(s) needed for successful inclusion.

    Inclusion is a continuum of options designed to foster the feelings of belonging, acceptance and community.