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Fairview Community School recently celebrated the grand opening of the Fairview Library Learning Commons, a newly-renovated library.  The renovation was made possible thanks to a $60,000 Love of Reading Literacy Grant from Chapters Indigo.  During the morning celebration, the entire school gathered to hear and share their stories.  The morning started in the gym with Teacher- Librarian Sofia La Bounty and Principal Colette Young welcoming everyone.  Ms. La Bounty shared a video on the process from start to finish.   The Chapters Indigo staff came out in full force and were recognized for making this project happen.

Retired Principal Jane Kruks skyped in and spoke of the importance of literacy, and how beautiful the library learning commons at Fairview will be for students.  Trustee Stephanie Higginson spoke of the importance of a comfortable, safe place for students to learn.  Students spoke to all the guests sharing their favourite books and what this grant has meant to them.  Heather Lyons (Teacher-Librarian who was at Fairview when the original $60,000 was awarded) spoke of the legacy as the culture of literacy has grown significantly and how these kids will pass literacy on to their kids ….