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We are very excited to share an update on developments at Little Angels Educational Centre in Nairobi, Kenya.  Ms. Kamau and her staff received the $2,000 we contributed several weeks ago and got straight to work spending it! They have now purchased two 5,000 litre water storage tanks, along with gutters to collect additional rainwater. This will allow them to secure enough water for a full 12-week school term!  As an added bonus, they were able to connect the storage tanks to two washbasins within the school building.  In addition to helping deal with their huge water challenges, our funding also allowed the school to purchase a new fax machine, and “new curriculum” textbooks for students from Grades 1-4.

The staff at Little Angels Educational Centre has asked that I pass along their immense gratitude for the support received from our École North Oyster community.  It has “settled their water challenge”, improved efficiency, and greatly enhanced their ability to provide higher quality educational experiences for their students.

Miss Fall and I would like to express again our heartfelt appreciation to all those families who contributed to our fundraiser during Family Literacy Week.  We can be very proud of the way our actions directly and positively affected the lives of our fellow readers in part of the world less privileged than our own.     From Mme Patrice and Miss Fall, in the library