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Parents, principals, teachers and support staff working together create a strong team for a student’s education.

Sometimes, however, things don’t work as smoothly as we would like and parents find that they are concerned about something at school. This may be related to the education their child is receiving, discipline at the school or health and safety issues.

When that happens, parents can use a step-by-step approach to solve the problem.

As your elected representatives, trustees are always available to parents and members of the public to discuss concerns, but they do not become officially involved in decision-making until after there has been an attempt to solve the problem at the school and district staff levels.

Occasionally parents are hesitant about discussing problems because of a concern that it will have repercussions for their children. We assure you that this will never be the case. We are committed to dealing with all people in a respectful and dignified manner with a sincere desire to solve problems.