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Posted: August 20, 2020

  • The Clorox 360 electrostatic sprayer is able to disinfect surfaces more effectively and efficiently than wiping by hand.
  • Carpets that cannot be removed can be sprayed with the 360.
  • Full PPE will be used by NLPS staff when spraying.
  • Clorox advises that re-entry is allowed immediately after spraying. NLPS will require 30 minutes before re-entry as a precaution. As the disinfectant is electrostatically applied, the negative charge is stronger than gravity, it wraps around surfaces and does not hang in the air.
  • The Clorox 360 Disinfectant and Virox5 Disinfectants we are using are both “No Rinse Disinfectants”, except on food contact surfaces. We will not be using the Clorox in the cafeterias.
  • Clorox 360 disinfectant is on the Health Canada Covid-19 Approved list:
  • Protocol is to disinfect surfaces, so a DIN registered disinfectant is required, efficacy has to be established to existing Human Coronavirus, and all criteria have to be adhered to such as dwell time. Clorox 360 has a 2 min dwell time, 2 min dry time, no rinse except food contact.
  • The end of day disinfecting is the ideal position for Clorox 360 as we will ensure disinfection of 50% more surfaces than by hand wiping. Clorox designed their electrostatic applicator with 5 times the charge density of other applicators and coupled this with evolved quat chemistry. All the efficacy testing is done under electrostatic application.

Here are a few videos on the Clorox 360 to review and possibly post on our website.