b'68 HOORAYS68 Hoorays goes out NDSS Grade 12 student, Cameron Laturnus, who organized a Green Shirt Day in honour of the#LoganBouletEffectand organ donor awareness across Canada. Cameron invited high schools, businesses and government officials to participate. Nanaimo News Now article.A big shout out to the Student council at Ladysmith Secondary. The Student Council recently created a website with resources, videos, information and guides on five important topics.Topics include Anti-Racism, LGBTQ+, Mental Health, Indigenous Teachings and Sexual Health. Click here for the websiteIn the Middle East, during Ramadan, the streets are lined with beautiful lights and colourful lanterns. This is a very exciting holiday for Muslims filled with family, good food, giving thanks, and doing kind things for others. NLPS has more than 150 Muslim students who participate in the important cultural practices of Ramadan every year. This year, some of the students at John Barsby Community School wished to bring in a little of the festive spirit!With the help of their ELL teacher and Teacher Librarian, a group of Muslim students created a display to help staff and students learn a more about this special cultural event.Thank you to Adam Lowry (ELL Teacher), Jackie Babirye, Colleen Vosshans (Teacher-Librarian), Rania Alsalloum, Rama Altaleb and Noor Albaj!Ramadan Kareem!From Left to Right Want to share a68 Hoorays in the next ConnectEd?Page12Page12'