b'TRC57 Speaker Series continues in 2021In 2020, NLPS and UBC Press partnered to present theTRC57 Speaker Series Learning with Syeyutsus.Thisfreelearningseriesbeganinprovide education to public servants on the October2020andcontinuesuntilhistoryofAboriginalpeoples,includingthe May2021,withanhistory and legacy of residential schools the incrediblelineupofUnited Nations Declaration on the Rights of CanadianauthorsandIndigenousPeoples,TreatiesandAboriginal rights, Indigenous law, and AboriginalCrown thought leaders.relations.Join us as we promote a deeper conversationWeacknowledgeourancestorsandthose towardsrebuildingrelationshipswiththat have gone before us leading this work.Indigenous peoples and the land.We wish to offer our sincere gratitude and a special thank-you to all speakers in this series. Together,wehavecuratedaspeakerseriesWe encourage all citizens to take the time to withrenownedauthorsattheforefrontlearn the true history of Canada and we hope ofIndigenoustopicspertainingtoTruth&you enjoy this series.Reconciliation Call to Action #57. StephanieJohnson,SyeyutsusSaaysum TRC#57callsuponfederal,provincial,forNanaimoLadysmithPublicSchools territorial,andmunicipalgovernmentsto(stephanie.johnson@sd68.bc.ca)SPEAKER SERIES 2021TRC57 Speaker SeriesPage10'