Our Goals

The goals of our strategic plan are:

  • Meet each student’s unique needs
  • The continuous improvement of instruction and assessment
  • Reconciliation
  • Organizational effectiveness and accountability to support student learning

Making a presentation to the Board

If you wish to appear before the Board as a delegation, you need to submit your request to the Secretary-Treasurer’s Office in writing nine days before the regular meeting.

Your letter asking to appear should identify the spokesperson for your group; the topic you will be discussing, and the phone number or address where you can be reached.

Depending on the number of requests for delegations to appear before the Board, you may be scheduled for the next regular meeting or one sometime after that. When appearing before the Board, delegations are asked to limit their presentations to 10 minutes.

Noah completed his B.Sc. in Psychology at the University of Victoria. Since then he has over 20 years experience in social work and professional advocacy. He has experience helping and motivating people of all ages, walks of life and diverse abilities. Noah has social work expertise as an advocate, addictions counsellor, program coordinator in mental health, respite manager for children with diverse abilities and a group home administrator.

Presently, Noah assists individuals with barriers to employment as an Employment Consultant specializing in customized employment and job development at Vancouver Island Vocational Rehabilitation Services.

Noah’s child attends public school and his passion is to advocate for high quality public education.

Committee / Board Membership

  • Member of Teacher Trustee Liaison Committee
  • Member of Anti-Vandalism Committee

Represented Family of Schools

Contact Noah Routley

Contact Noah Routley directly with the credentials listed below:

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