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Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools has 28 elementary schools and a distributed learning program for students from K-12. Below, find a list of schools in alphabetical order, including each school’s address, principal’s name, and phone number. More information is available by clicking on each school.

Bayview Elementary
140 View Street
Nanaimo, V9R 4N6

Phone: 250 754-3231
Website: Click Here


Brechin Elementary
510 Millstone Avenue
Nanaimo, V9R 4N6

Phone: 250 754-7523
Website: Click Here


Cedar Elementary
2215 Gould Road
Nanaimo, V9X 1J9

Phone: 250 722-2722
Website: Click Here


Chase River Elementary
1503 Cranberry Avenue
Nanaimo, V9R 6R7

Phone: 250 754-6983
Website: Click Here


Cilaire Elementary
25 Cilaire Drive
Nanaimo, V9S 3C9

Phone: 250 758-7941
Website: Click Here


Cinnabar Valley Elementary
100 Ohio Way
Nanaimo, V9X 1C8

Phone: 250 716-1030
Website: Click Here


Coal Tyee Elementary
2280 Sun Valley Drive
Nanaimo, V9T 6P1

Phone: 250 729-0450
Website: Click Here


Departure Bay Elementary Eco-School
3004 Departure Bay Road
Nanaimo, V9T 1B4

Phone: 250 758-6541
Website: Click Here


Ecole Hammond Bay Elementary
1025 Morningside Drive
Nanaimo, V9T 1N5

Phone: 250 758-5711
Website: Click Here


Ecole North Oyster Elementary
13470 Cedar Road
Ladysmith, V9G 1H6

Phone: 250 245-3330
Website: Click Here


Ecole Pauline Haarer Elementary
400 Campbell Street
Nanaimo, V9R 3G7

Phone: 250 754-2722
Website: Click Here


Ecole Quarterway Elementary
1632 Bowen Road
Nanaimo, V9S 1G6

Phone: 250 754-6845
Website: Click Here


Fairview Elementary
205 Howard Avenue
Nanaimo, V9R 3R3

Phone: 250 753-3418
Website: Click Here


Forest Park Elementary
2050 Latimer Road
Nanaimo, V9S 2W5

Phone: 250 758-6892
Website: Click Here


Frank J. Ney Elementary
5301 Williamson Road
Nanaimo, V9V 1L1

Phone: 250 729-8045
Website: Click Here


Gabriola Elementary
Box 130, 680 North Road
Gabriola Island, V0R 1X0

Phone: 250 247-9342
Website: Click Here


Georgia Avenue Elementary
625 Georgia Avenue
Nanaimo, V9R 3W3

Phone: 250 753-1044
Website: Click Here


Island ConnectED (K-12)
4355 Jingle Pot Road
Nanaimo, V9T 5P4

Phone: 250 756-9901
Website: Click Here


Ladysmith Intermediate
Box 849, 317 French Street
Ladysmith, V9G 1A6

Phone: 250 245-3351
Website: Click Here


Ladysmith Primary
Box 910, 510 Sixth Avenue
Ladysmith, V9G 1A6

Phone: 250 245-3912
Website: Click Here


McGirr Elementary
6199 McGirr Road
Nanaimo, V9V 1C7

Phone: 250 758-8946
Website: Click Here


Mountain View Elementary
2480 East Wellington Road
Nanaimo, V9R 6V6

Phone: 250 753-2831
Website: Click Here


Park Avenue Elementary
395 Eighth Street
Nanaimo, V9R 1A9

Phone: 250 754-5591
Website: Click Here


Pleasant Valley Elementary
6201 Dunbar Road
Nanaimo, V9T 2P2

Phone: 250 390-4027
Website: Click Here


Qwam Qwum Stuwixwulh School
1390 Stuywut Street (off Gordon Street)
Nanaimo, V9X 1M4

Phone: 250 754-3033
Website: Click Here


Randerson Ridge Elementary
6021 Nelson Road
Nanaimo, V9T 5N7

Phone: 250 758-5076
Website: Click Here


Rock City Elementary
3741 Departure Bay Road
Nanaimo, V9T 1C5

Phone: 250 758-2434
Website: Click Here


Seaview Elementary
7000 Lantzville School Road, Box 340
Lantzville, V0R 2H0

Phone: 250 390-4022
Website: Click Here


Uplands Park Elementary
3821 Stronach Drive
Nanaimo, V9T 3X4

Phone: 250 758-3252
Website: Click Here