Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools

French Immersion

There are approximately 1,500 students enrolled in the French Immersion program, Kindergarten to Grade 12 

Students enter the Early French Immersion program in Kindergarten or Grade One, or they can enter the Late French Immersion program in Grade 6.

Early French Immersion Registration (Kindergarten & Grade 1)

Registration for Early French Immersion (Kindergarten & Grade 1) Starts January 10, 2024 at 8 a.m. and ends January 31, 2024.  Student placement in French Immersion will be done via lottery. Students with an older sibling, who will still be attending the same school, must register by the stated deadline for priority placement.

An Email will be sent out mid-February to all applicants announcing the lottery results. Applicants not offered a space are automatically placed on a wait list.  Students who do not gain admission will be automatically registered at their catchment-area school.

French Immersion is offered at four elementary schools in NLPS:

  • École Hammond Bay School – Hammond Bay is a single-track French Immersion school, meaning that the immersion program is the only one offered at the school.  Currently there are 388 students in Kindergarten to Grade 7.  Phone 250 758-5711
  • École North Oyster School  – French Immersion was introduced at North Oyster in the fall of 2014. North Oyster is a dual-track school.  With a total enrolment of 335 students Kindergarten to Grade 7, North Oyster offers both early French Immersion and the regular English program.  Phone 250 245-3330
  • École Pauline Haarer School – Pauline Haarer is a single-track French Immersion school with 212 students in Kindergarten to Grade 7. Phone 250 754-2722
  • École Quarterway School  – Quarterway is a single-track French Immersion school.  Quarterway is the only site in the district that offers both early and late French Immersion.  Currently there are 408 students in Kindergarten to Grade 7.  Phone 250 754-6845

Secondary students continue their French Immersion studies:

French Immersion Registration

Registration for Early French Immersion, (Kindergarten and Grade 1) and Late French Immersion (Grade 6) starts in January for the next September.

Late French Immersion (Grade 6)

Late French Immersion is a two-year intensive program offered to students who have successfully completed Grade 5.  This highly popular second language program is offered subject to space availability and the requirements of our enrolment and registration process.

Resources for French Immersion Parents