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Learning Alternatives offers a number of district programs providing options for students who require flexible learning.

Our school is a dynamic blend of forward thinking education and personalized programming. We pride ourselves on individualized academic plans that focus on the students strengths and use innovated strategies to help progress in areas that need improvement. Our team is comprised of creative teachers, supportive education assistants, caring child youth and family support workers, and a very upbeat administration.

Our goal is to guide our students to discover personal success and help them become productive members of our community. We believe in authentic, meaningful experiences that connect our students to the natural world and inspire sustainable values and behaviours.

Tier 3 (FLOW)

  • Family Learning Outreach and Wellness (FLOW) is a half-day therapeutic and half-day academic program supporting the social-emotional needs of students with primarily internalized behaviours and mental health issues.  The behaviours and mental health issues can cause significant challenges for students to attend and participate in a traditional school setting.
  • Students are taught mental wellness strategies, coping skills, and self-regulation techniques through Fine Arts, Foods, Health and Careers and Physical Education course work.  Students are also supported in completing their academics in partnership with Island ConnectEd K-12. Parents must participate in monthly parent information nights and work closely with the FLOW team.  The program is based out of Island ConnectEd K-12.

Tier 3

  • Junior and Senior Learning Alternatives
  • Alternative Based Opportunities United by Teamwork (ABOUT)
  • Ravens Lelum Teen Parent Learning Centre


  • Learning Alternatives Student Handbook