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School trustees are members of your community who have chosen to stand for election to their local Board of Education. All are Canadian citizens who care deeply about students and public education.

Learn more about Boards of Education and trustees from B.C. School Trustees Association (BCSTA).


The Board's Education Committee normally meets the first Wednesday of the month and the Bu [...]

Moving Forward

December 3, 2015 The district has completed an extensive 60-day public consultation on [...]

Live Stream – Board Meetings

The Board’s Education Committee normally meets the first Wednesday of the month and the [...]

Transportation Review

The Board recently approved a new Transportation Policy on November 23, 2016. The previous [...]

2020 Vision

All district decisions are based on the following Board Goals: Meet Each Student’s [...]


In an effort to support student learning and engagement, Superintendent John Blain recentl [...]

Superintendent Search

UPDATE: March 7, 2018 - The Board of Education announced the appointment of Scott Saywell [...]

School Trustee Elections

Elections and by-elections are conducted according to the rules and regulations set out in [...]

Policies and Procedures

Board Policies are statements that guide the desired operation of Nanaimo Ladysmith Publi [...]


Meet the members of the Board of Education for Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools [pagel [...]

  • Board Committee and School Assignments

  • When the Board Receives Correspondence

  • To ensure that your correspondence is addressed, your email will be forwarded to the Board and senior staff immediately. Historically, all correspondence received from the public will be discussed at an Agenda Setting meeting where a decision is made to include it in either the public or in-camera (closed) Board agenda package. *Please note, if your correspondence includes student or district employee information, it will be added to the in-camera agenda package.

    Once received at a Board meeting, the Board of Education determines if the correspondence should be: Referred to staff for response; Board Chair response; received and filed as information; or referred to the Education or Business Committee for further discussion. The Board will strive to respond or answer your questions once it is determined how it will proceed. As per Board policy, Regular Board meetings are typically held on the fourth Wednesday of every month, from September to June.

    If your correspondence is pertaining to an upcoming event, please keep these procedures in mind and allow sufficient time for response.